Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Torta de las Tres Leches with a bit of Spice

Experimenting with leftover Torta de las Tres Leches, I sprinkled cardamom on cut slices.
If you are a fan of cardamom, it takes this cake to an entirely new level, very reminiscent of the Indian rice pudding Kheer. This spice complements the cooked milk flavor well which is not surprising as several Indian desserts use cooked milk producing the most exquisite sweets.


  1. Yummo on the cardamom - great idea.


  2. Great idea, Vicki. When I made America's Test Kitchen's version of this cake, the recipe for called for cinnamon in the cake batter and that was very tasty too. Was going to add it to Rose's sponge cake but forgot.

  3. Look at you and all your experimentation! Ooh la la. All those years of ferocious recipe book reading are paying off!