Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Seville Oranges

If anyone does not have access to Seville oranges for the True Orange Genoise , I am happy to report the following web site does-

I also happen to have a few extras out of a forty pound box from the local fruit exchange.
Should any of you like some, email your address and I'll send some to you. They are touchy things and ripening quickly.


  1. Oh boy, they do "ripen" very very quickly. I had two turn to green dust within days of buying mine.

    Marmalade if you find no takers?

  2. I'd take a few off your hands, but I don't know if you're allowed to ship citrus across your northern border (nor what it might cost). I remember the US having some funny rules about bringing fruit South (must have an origin sticker that says they're from the US) when driving, but I don't know if Canada has anything similar -- we definitely don't have a citrus industry up here to protect. I can't find anything prohibiting importing citrus as long as it's under 250kg (!), but I don't know if there are any extra rules on mailing it.

  3. anitsirK-Which city and I'll check it out. Also talks about Sevilles in Canada.

  4. Hubby tells me that a package arrived. I can only assume it's the oranges, but I'll let you know for sure after I get home and check it out.

    Thanks so much, Vicki!