Saturday, September 9, 2017

Carrot Bread

I was not expecting Rose's 
Carrot Bread
to be a tea loaf.
I had visions of a fluffy, yeasty,
kneaded bread.
It couldn't have been easier to make.
In fact the entire batter can be mixed
in a bowl with a spoon if one is so inclined.

I was not.

I hemmed and hawed making this 
easy peasy bread
because I dreaded shredding carrots.
My Cuisinart had gone back home with Elle
as the thing terrified me.
It was a super deluxe Christmas present
from her and I never overcame my fear.
The blades looked like lethal weapons in a Ninja warrior movie.
 I bought the simplest one I could find
and shredded these carrots!

The raisins soaked in rum
for a week.  This is destined
for my brother who doesn't like raisins.
As long as they are golden
and soaked in rum
he doesn't mind.

Flour, sugar, eggs, oil, baking powder, baking soda,
salt and cinnamon
with the carrots and raisins.
I wish I had noticed there was no vanilla
and poured some in.
I love vanilla,
expensive though it may be these days.

I made a foil tent for the top.
It needed a few extra minutes baking
in my cranky oven.


The kitchen smelled amazing
and letting this thing cool, 
then wrapped for overnight
was too much.
I sliced off the end 
for a taste.
It's good now
so can only imagine
how it will be tomorrow.
I have visions of slathering
a slice with apricot jam.
It's a denser tea bread
with nice texture 
which I like.
Rose Levy Beranbaum