Friday, November 10, 2017

The Bread Bible Crumpets


If DNA has anything to do with it,
these should be a breeze to make
thanks to all my English, Irish and Scottish genes.

The Alpha Bakers 
made them while baking through
The Baking Bible.
was that attempt.
Oddly, I had a great deal of trouble getting
the crucial amount of bubbles on that go 'round.
This try,
 out of The Bread Bible,
there were plenty of bubbles.
Such a funny dough,
very stiff and sticky 
before the first rise.

An absolute snap to mix the few
ingredients together.

After an hour rise, the bubbles began to appear
and the dough completely changed texture.

Stirred in the baking soda and water,
left it for a short second rise
and the bubbles made themselves known.
or so I thought.

Poured into rings on an electric frying pan
I was so hopeful.

I think they needed to cook longer.
The interior crumb wasn't right.
Not giving up though!
They might not look 
like Trader Joe's crumpets
but the flavor is far superior.
Rose Levy Beranbaum