Monday, January 18, 2010

Torta de las Tres Leches meets Los Tres Caballeros

Patience is the main ingredient in making Torta de las Tres Leches. It is a cake which requires loads of stirring; eggs, sugar and vanilla over simmering water, milk and sugar over direct heat and gentle stirring/folding of flour into the batter. Otherwise it was fairly simple and straight forward.

After reading Heavenly Cake Baker reviews of the strong eggy flavor, I upped the vanilla to a full teaspoon. I was really itching to pop in a bit of Muscavado sugar as well but refrained.

The cake started to form a crack and did not dome; neither did it sink. Trimming the top, I saved the cake and one fourth cup of milk mixture, deciding to see how it faired punched up with amaretto. Remembering the little recipe booklet that came with the Christmas bottle, I found a tasty sounding drink called Disarrono Latte consisting of amaretto, coffee liquer and half n half. Having all these on hand from Rose's previous cakes, in they went producing a mini triffle with a pinch of muscavado. I couldn't resist.

I topped the main cake with sweetened whipped cream but spiked a little with bourban for the trifle. I then blindly taste tested the two on unsuspecting family. The boozy torta won hands down. This cake takes well to alcohol, developing a macho personna that screams "Badges, we don't need no stinkin' badges"!


  1. LOL! Vicki! Your post made me laugh out so loudly! LOL! And your cake looks does the bourbon trifle...

  2. You know, I was thinking things like "add strawberries and treat it like a shortcake". Your booze ideas sound even better!

  3. Wish I could taste the trifle. It sounds deadly good!

  4. I agree--your standard, sedate torta looks good, but the boozy version sounds even better.

  5. Yes, the boozy cake sounds better! Great post :)

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  7. Haha - you're too funny!! I'm still laughing over you comment about going stark raving mad from reducing the milk :).

    Sorry I didn't think the increase the vanilla before I made my cake. Looking back, I'd say more in the cake, add some to the leche, and most definitely add some to the whipped cream. Otherwise, it's pretty flavorless.

    I can definitely see why your juiced-up version won the taste test!