Thursday, October 7, 2010

Orange Chiffon Tweed Cake with Milk ‘n’ Honey Sabayon Ice Cream

New ABC baking adventure! Let's make a chiffon cake. Flo Braker made it easy with her Orange Chiffon Tweed Cake with Milk 'n' Honey Sabayon.

Well, would you look at that?  This little inexpensive gizmo actually worked.  Orange peels were pulverized with sugar.

Fresh orange juice for the cake and a glass for me.  It was five a.m.
Sweet orange juice; such a treat.
The star of the show was an old hand crank beater. I always use it for whipped cream.  Today, it beat together eggs and honey.
Orange Sugar added and hand cranked again.
 Flour and grated chocolate folded into the billowing orange eggs with stiffly beaten egg whites.  The batter was then poured into an angel food cake pan and popped into the oven.  Clearly I was so overcome with excitement about finding this that I forgot to take pictures.

What is this thing lurking at the back of the stove under a garlic basket?  Well, I'll be darned!  Sugar ribbons from the Pineapple Puddings.  Maybe I could send it to Rose and Woody for analysis?  Or a crime lab?  That sugar episode made me want to learn to pull Taffy.

Hand crank beater met heavy cream which was then chilled while eggs and honey were beat into a puffy concoction.

Oh, heavens, now they must be whipped further over simmering water.  Was a trip to the ER in the forecast?  More importantly, did it really triple in volume?

Yes it did!  Quick Jeeves, the ice water bath to stop the cooking.  Phew, no honey scrambled eggs after all. Chilling the mixture gave me a hair brained idea.  What if I froze it instead into ice cream a la David Lebovitz?

Is it done?  Is it done?  Is it done?  Finally.

The moment of Orange Chiffon Tweed Cake or an Orange Chiffon Tweed Trifle?  A cake after all.  It didn't fall out of the pan. Note to self.  Find a glass long necked bottle before it comes out of the oven.

Three hours was a long time to wait for this cake to cool.  Non-nap-taking-teething-six-month-old littlest granddaughter helped me do dishes.  I needed an extra set of arms.

And it actually came out of the pan in one piece!  Another Will It Be Trifle moment averted.  Half my angel food cake pan with the removable bottom has gone missing.  I seem to remember it being absconded and filled with rocks.  Three year olds are inventive creatures.

Three very long hours later, I mean who can stand to wait for this thing to cool?  The aroma was maddening!

 Lining the bottom of the angel food cake pan with parchmont  helped it come out in tack.

This is a fantastic and easy chiffon cake.  A little doubtful about the Milk 'n' Honey Sabayon, because I don't like honey in baked goodies, the ice cream surprised me.  It is as good as Haagen-Daz.  Both are sure to be requested many times.  Everyone loved  this delectable orange chocolate combination.


  1. LOL!
    Vicki, awesome post! Love the step by step picture and hillarious explanation. Yes send the thing that looks like sugar to CSI - see if they can explain what it is.
    PS: I love your hand cranked beater. Very cool gadget!

  2. OMG, I laugh so hard when I saw the sugar too. And so the sabayon turn into ice cream worked?

  3. Your cake sounds wonderful, and you reminded me of pulling taffy with my grandmother when I was a kid. I must admit, she did most of the work.

  4. What a beautiful cake, Vicki. Your ice cream turned out awesome too! And I love your hand cranked beater. The cake was a big hit over here too. It's definitely going on the repeat list.

  5. Sooo adorable!! I love that hand cranked beater too!! And i love that your little grand daughter helped you cute..her little feet! :D Wow..such a good idea to turn the sabayon into ice-cream!

  6. Thank you for stopping by and leaving the wonderful comments on the tortilla soup and berry dessert. Hubby absolutely LOVED it and had no idea the soup was healthy =). The dessert, on the otherhand, did not fool him.