Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gerard's Mustard Tart

I actually managed to make my first ever tart, complete with REAL dough and not store bought.  This was a big day for me, for I am on my way to conquering dreaded pie dough phobia.  It is why I named the blog which houses my cooking adventures, Almond Cream Pie.

Let me explain.  In the oldest Betty Crocker Cookbook known to man, the one which fed me many wonderful things growing up courtesy of my mom, contains our family favorite; Almond Cream Pie.  No one has made it since, with success anyway.  We reminisce about Almond Cream Pie now and then.  I always figured if one day I could overcome dough phobia, as well as, custard cooked on the stove stirred for hours phobia, perhaps I could make this pie.  A mission was born.

If you care to see my tart ventures along with future cooking escapades, please feel free to click on over.  It's bound to be fraught with mishaps which may or may not involve smoke detectors and paramedics.  I make no promises but as one who's cooking is often referred to as blackened Cajun flavored, there's a good chance it will.  Come on down!


  1. Congratulations! Your homemade tart dough and filling look perfect, golden, and delicious! I love the miniature size, too cute. You will be making the almond cream pie in no time!

  2. Glad you conquered your dough phobia; way to set a good example for the grandkids!