Tuesday, December 29, 2015

White Christmas Victoria Sponge Cake

This was supposed to be Rose's 
White Christmas Peppermint Cake
Marie made and you can see
how it is meant to be.
When she mentioned this cake
could easily be adapted to other flavors
I wondered if finally I could
duplicate my wedding cake.
Happy to say this is even better.

The cake batter Rose has us make
is a butter cake dream.
Honestly, it is the most beautiful,
fluffy batter imaginable.
Super simple to mix up, too.
Egg whites, sugar, cake flour, baking powder,
milk, salt, butter and extracts.

The frosting is divine.
Buttercream from a white chocolate custard base
transforms into a fluffy frosting.
I used Lindt Classic White Chocolate bars.

Here's where I veered off course.
The wedding cake was almond with raspberry filling
and white buttercream frosting.
I forgot to buy raspberry jam but had a new jar 
of strawberry.

I started remembering all those Great British Bake Off Victoria Sponges
and visions of Mary Berry began to swirl 'round my head.

I looked up her recipe and it's the same sort of basic ingredients,
minus the extracts  and butter ( hence "sponge")
but with choice of jams,
and powdered sugar showered over instead of frosting.

Adjusting the almond extract for the peppermint 
and spreading warmed jam
between the layers before frosting 
substituted easily.

We really love this cake
and I can see this next year made at
in it's peppermint form decorated with
marching soldiers among the candy cane crunch.
They've been in storage since my
children were little.
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. Thank you for trying it with jam! Your buttercream turned out just the way it was supposed to. And I can't imagine anything more fun than this cake decked out with tiny toy soldiers!

  2. I put jam in mine too! Posting tonight.

  3. I'm very envious of your smooth and lovely buttercream. I love a Victoria sponge - one of my favourites.

  4. Hi, I really loved the consistency of this cake, loved the creamy frosting, and pairing it with ice creams was a big hit. Using this particular ganache was your choice Vicki and it was just right - not too soupy. So I think everyone like this a lot.