Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Posh Pie

See the camera reflection?

This is Rose's ultimate chocolate pie creation,
aptly named Posh Pie.

It's a high maintenance pie,
that's for sure.
can fill you in on all the details.

This is the only picture I took which was from
making the chocolate cookie dough for the chocolate
cookie pie crust.
It's not that this pie was particularly difficult,
it was just many different components
and a lot of chilling times.

My new deep dish pie pan
arrived today after
making this yesterday!

So I used a ten and half inch pie plate
and had enough leftover filling
to make two small parfaits layered with
Speculoos cookies and whipped cream.
There aren't any pictures of those either.

With Rose's chocolate lacquer whipped cream

Was this pie worth the time and effort?
For a special occasion, yes.
Light and airy in texture,
not too sweet.
Definitely a pie for chocolate lovers 
and truly a show stopper.
I did follow 
tip to cool the filling in an ice bath
and Jen's
observation about the crust sticking
to the pan.  
I used a wooden espresso tamper to
barely tap it in.

It holds up really well overnight in Tupperware
even after being sliced

I am wondering what crushed candy canes
would be like over the top or peppermint
flavored whipped cream for the holidays?

It is spectacular! 
The peppermint whipped cream 
and crushed candy canes
really hit the mark with the chocolate.
Rose Levy Beranbaum

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