Monday, December 14, 2015

Renee Fleming Golden Chiffon Cake

The Renee Fleming Golden Chiffon Cake
is a light, refreshing dessert
in the middle of gloomy weather.

It was incredibly easy to make,
probably one of the easiest of
Rose's sponge type cakes.
The egg whites folded in
so easily.

Finished late last night,
Ms Fleming was wrapped for the night,
and with an early morning wake up call,
sliced for breakfast!

The lemon curd was stirred up
while the cake was baking
and then mixed into the whipped cream today.
I only had 3/4's of a cup of heavy cream
but it suited me fine.
I love lemon curd and honestly
could have even gone down to 1/2 cup cream ratio.

The dried lemon zest was a bit off
I heated up the oven, placed it inside
on a plate and turned it off.
It dried out while I tackled the
mountain of dishes.

Can't tell by this picture but it
dipped down as the recipe indicated.

Perfect for cradling lemon curd heaven.
More visible in this one.

This cake is 
definitely on the Bake Again list.

Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. Kudos to you for making your own lemon curd, for drying the lemon peel, and, most of all, for eating it for breakfast!

  2. Yes, kudos for doing all the steps! What a perfect breakfast.