Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sugar Rose Brioche

I should have never watched 
The Great British Bake Off
Sunday night.
No good can come from being inspired 
to bring out flour and yeast late at night.

Be that as it may,
I lost track of how many eggs I added to
the starter sponge, 
if I added eggs to the starter sponge,
and exactly when did I add them?
So I added a few more
and hoped for the best.

Here is the mystery eggy dough after 
mixing in the butter.

Poured into a bowl for the first warm proofing
it comes out looking even nicer.

Off for cool rising in the frig to set the butter,
then deflate 
the beautiful dough before 
another warm rise.
Next comes the business letter fold
we have come to know.

Back into the frig for six more hours.

Always a good sign when the zip lock
plastic bag is puffy from the dough proofing

An egg wash is blitzed with a pinch of salt
and strained through a fine mesh.
Learned a trick of using two forks together
to whisk small amounts.
They act like a flat whisk.

Dough is rolled out into a very large circle,
washed with the egg then sprinkled with
cinnamon and sugar.
I really wanted to add Muscavado sugar 
as well.
Time for the rolling, cutting and twisting
Lucky my camera died.
It wasn't pretty.

Off for the final warm rise,
popped into the oven for a short twenty minute bake and
then tented for a full hour.
I did wash the top with egg and sugared
the heck out of it.
The house started to waft lovely aromas which is quite 
nice early in the morning.

Cautioned the bottom might burn if the sugared sides 
faced down, I popped a metal cake cooling rack on top
of the pizza stone for a slight cushion.
It worked because I am certain
mine was not correctly braided.
As swear words swirled around the kitchen
I wondered how in the world those 
British Bake Off contestants
manage to bake with a camera
in their face in the midst of mishaps.

The flavor of this bread is incredible.
The texture light and fluffy.
No wonder people mistake it
for cake.
This is truly a spectacular recipe.
Well done, Rose!
Once again you have proved
that it doesn't take flawless
baking skills to turn out
superb bread.
Rose Levy Beranbaun


  1. I now hear Paul Hollywood in my head when I taste things saying 'You've underproved" or "that's an excellent bake." This show is dangerous.

  2. Haha, I hear The Male Judge's voice judging my bakes too. "Massively over proofed" threatens me every time we bake bread.

  3. LOL! You are so funny Vicki! Your bread looks really wonderful! I didn't bake because I don't have anyone to share with this week.

    1. You would really like it. It wouldn't be very big if you didn't double the recipe like some of the Alpha bakers did. Seriously, this is one of my favorite breads so far. Maybe when you have a potluck or church event. Of course then everyone will wish you made a bigger loaf!

    2. I think if i do make it, I will make it into a bun. Does it last over the next day and still stay as soft? I find broiche dough tends to dry out quite fast and stale next day.

  4. Sorry..i meant to say make into tiny buns..

  5. You can never really have too many eggs - as you've proved. Muscovado sugar sounds like a great idea. Maybe next time.