Monday, November 30, 2015

Butter Spritz-less Cookies

This week's bake is Rose's wonderful
Butter Spritz Cookies.
I took the simple way out and didn't "spritz" 
the cookies, 
gently rolling them into balls then
pressing with a fork to flatten.
I swear I have a cookie press around here
but I couldn't find it which explains
cookie presses popping up in front of me
on store shelves the past few weeks.
I didn't heed the cosmic hint to buy one.

But it did make me wonder how 
many home bakers miss out on
Spritz cookies because they
don't own and never would
use a cookie press?
I know my mom,
cookie baker extraordinaire,
wouldn't but she would have
loved these cookies.

They were super simple to make,
especially since Trader Joe's had
blanched toasted almonds.
I sort of did a hybrid version of
Rose's instructions between
the food processor and mixer method.
My mini Cuisinart was the perfect size
for blitzing the sugar and almonds together.
I finished the recipe in the mixer;
flour, cornstarch, pinch of salt,  Irish butter, egg, 
vanilla and almond extracts.

Heeding Marie's warning to watch the baking time
closely, they came out perfectly.
This cookie is the quintessential
biscuit for a
The Baking Bible
Rose Levy Beranbaum

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  1. Your cookies look lovely with those coloured sugar sprinkles.