Monday, October 19, 2015

White Chocolate Club Med Bread

There simply was no way to anticipate the flavor of
White Chocolate Club Med Bread.
It is delicious!
Rose says to let it cool for two hours
but I was impatient with curiosity
and sliced off the end
at the hour mark.
It was barely warm
which let the exquisite 
lighter than air texture and flavor

First plain and then with
strawberry jam, both were
nice but I prefer
it plain.
It is the delicate ballerina
white tutu of breads.

My daughter suggested it would make wonderful
bread pudding and I happily agreed.

It was hard to tear up  four slices of this lovely bread

It was worth it

With Black Arkansas caramelized apples

At first, I found it a bit peculiar
that Club Med gave
departing guests their own loaf as a gift,
never having heard of such a thing.
Lucky guests!

 Rose went above and beyond
to recreate it.
And this dough is not the easiest to work with.
It is sticky, fiddly and I guessed at the double fold over dough step.
By the end I had no hopes for it at all.
Whenever I reach the 
Oh bloody hell stage
 plopping it in the pan for final proofing,
it's always such a shock to
open the oven door to a beautiful
loaf of bread.

This yeast alchemy never ceases to amaze me.

Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. Beautiful texture! So light and airy. Great job!

  2. thrilled to see your success! yes--club med would laugh it's head off if they saw how i 'refined' it!

  3. Great looking loaf. I found this delicious but puzzling too.

  4. White chocolate bread pudding-that's decadent! I've gotta try that.

  5. Beautiful crumbs so light textured!

  6. Beautiful crumbs so light textured!