Sunday, October 4, 2015

Banana Split Chiffon Cake

The humidity weather report
is not something that I normally seek out
but since the Alpha Bakers are making a chiffon cake,
I certainly did today.
Why you might wonder?
Humidity does not generally bode well 
for chiffon and angel food cakes.
A thunderstorm rolled into the valley last night
which we have not seen for quite a long while.
Humidity held at 36% 
Onward with baking!

First on the agenda was searching
through the freezer for errant overly over-ripe
bananas that have been languishing for months.
I found three and it made exactly the requisite cup.

Rose calls for bananas, egg yolks, oils,
lemon juice and vanilla to be blitzed
in the food processor.
Everything fit tidily into the mini Cuisinart.
I'm always so happy when I get by
with my little work horse.

Flour and sugar are mixed with
the banana puree 
and then stiffly beaten egg whites
folded into the mixture.

You know that moment when
you realize you've made a colossal error
and a few swear words echo around the kitchen?

I realized too late the cream of tarter was to be
beaten with the egg whites, not added to the dry ingredients.

Nothing to do but carry on.
It didn't seem to cause any harm. 

The cake stayed put upside down in the pan
whilst cooling.
Always a hold your breath moment with this step.
I had a plan though.  If it fell out
it was going to be turned into a triffle.

I thought the top was prettier
with the golden crust
but flipped it over.

Drizzled with chocolate ganache sauce,
soft caramel sauce, whipping cream and nuts,
it's quite a fancy dessert for a deliciously flavored banana chiffon cake.
I also like it plain.
The light banana flavor is refreshingly simple.

Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. Looks so fluffy and delicious!

  2. ב''ה

    Looks so nice plated with the strawberry.

  3. I love your picture of it, all dolled up!

  4. The drizzled chocolate and nuts looks absolutely delish. I thought this was a very nice cake too.