Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Feather Banana Bread

Rose calls Feather Banana Bread the 
lightest texture of all her breads.
Working with the dense, sticky dough, I would 
not have thought it possible!
But stay the course and
once again the alchemy of
flour, water, yeast, honey,
dried milk and banana
transform into the softest dough,
very reminiscent of the lovely Golden Panettone.

A month ago I had an over abundance of frozen ripe bananas,
went on a clearing out spree and only saved three.
Those three were spoken for in 
So I tried something new before going on a grocery
store hunt.

See the yellow bananas with the darkened
one beside it?  They were all of the same bunch.
I popped one into a paper bag, turned the oven
on low, left it warming for an hour, turned the oven off
and left the banana overnight.
This is what I found this morning.
Perfectly softened and overly ripened.

Flour mixture to blanket the sponge

I truly enjoy stirring and whisking by hand.
Something so calming and meditative.

Never tire of the sponge breaking through the 
blanket of flour

Time to add the banana and tiny bit of butter
and on to the dough hook

The lump of very tacky and sticky dough
lightened up into puffy dough

First business fold before the warm rise

After the rise

Made it over the top
of the ten inch pan

Such a beautiful color,
even sans top crust

The bottom crust was fine.

This bread is just amazing.
The texture and lightness is like nothing
I have ever tasted before.
No one can believe it!
Once again, Rose makes me
look like a baking genius.
Taste always wins over perfection.
There is a definite difference between day 
one and day two
but there is this:

Can't take credit;
my daughter thought of it.
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. Wow! So fluffy!! Great job. I think I heard that banana ripening tip on ATK, but it was a good reminder to try it.
    Btw, can you taste the banana flavor in the bread?

  2. Your bread looks amazing!! After reading Kim's and your post, i want to bake this bread already!

  3. oh that french toast looks so amazing! I might have to bake this again just to use for breakfast! Thanks again for the heads up on browning the top.

  4. I was so surprised by this bread - happily that is. I like it better than brioche and panettone I think and it's much easier and cheaper to make. Good tip on the banana ripening, I would never have thought that would work. Also thanks for the warning on the burning crust - saved mine from the same fate.

  5. Vicki

    This is great, I had no idea that you are so talented.

    your buddy,
    Dolores Georgette