Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zach's La Bomba


Zach's La Bomba is a chocolate extravaganza.  At first glance the flourless chocolate cake base layer didn't look very appealing.  Since I don't generally have much luck depending on eggs solely for leavening, I was more than mildly surprised to discover the delicate cake was packed with flavor.  My daughter pointed out it would be perfectly acceptable to stop right there but I forged on.  I had my doubts about the custard but finally it snapped to attention, reached the required degree on the instant read and left the tell tale clue of falling in a little puddle. I really love when Rose says to watch for that sign in curds and custards.  Mixing together the berries, chocolate, custard and cream was the easy part.  Waiting eight hours to unmold it was the difficult part.  I was not looking forward to mixing up the chocolate lacquer.  I always think it is going to be more difficult than it is, maybe because it packs such a wow! factor when applied.  The only sticking point was La Bomba refusing to come out of the warmed glass bowl.  It took twenty minutes and many dips in hot water for it to finally release.  To complement the blackberry undertone, I made a blackberry sauce to spoon over it.
I don't know what I was expecting but this La Bomba deceptive.  It's a light textured dessert very rich in flavor. The kids as well as adults like it.


  1. Blackberry sauce, genius! I'll bet your family loved it.

  2. Look at that shiny glaze! And the blackberry sauce... What a great idea. Glad to hear it was worth the effort.