Monday, June 13, 2011

Chocolate Financiers


This is the last of Rose's financiers that I had yet to bake.  The caramelized cocoa nibs deterred me.  I kept stalling because having to drive downtown to find them was not appealing.  Somewhere along the line I lost the thrill of the hunt for unusual ingredients.  I feel like one of those marathon runners who's legs have gone all wobbly as they're trying to cross the finish line.  I've calculated and re calculated to see how many cakes are left to bake and I think five.  I forgot about the Bostini's  Of course they would not be five on the quick and easy list.  I've already exhausted The Q&E List!

These little financiers should have been quick and easy but my scatter brain turned them into quite a fiasco.  I didn't add the ingredients in the correct order.  Instead of cocoa nibs I pulled out the jar of dried Italian espresso we used for another one or two of Rose's cakes and threw a bit in.  And then discovered I didn't add the flour at all.  So that was quickly added right as the dough was being poured into the pans.

So proud of my weighing skills, I followed Rose's one ounce recommendation to the dot.  They burned.

Evidently my little pans are bigger than a true financier mold which I have yet to find in this town. Financier success seems to be all about the ratio of dough to pan.

They also were incredibly light in color.   It seems I forgot to add the chocolate as well.  Into the chilling baggy of dough went the cocoa powder and was squished around to incorporate it.  There was just enough dough to fill three pans with two ounces each.  Much better.

These little gems are not too sweet and the espresso powder gave them both a lovely flavor, burned and all. The family nibbled them up quite quickly. They are definitely on the Make Again List.


  1. Hey, despite all the issues, your results look great. Hang in there for the last five!

  2. They look so pretty with their fluted edges, I would never have guessed you had issues. Glad they tasted good too.

  3. five cakes left, wow! you will love the bostini, it is worth all the effort. i still have to make these too, good to know that they were well received in your house.

  4. Hmmm, I brought cocoa nibs with me, and I'm always looking for uses.

  5. Like your family, mine are absolute sweethearts to bake for. They seem to nibble up and appreciate everything - even when I get the cake stuck in the pan or the edges are too brown. So, I think that's the main thing.

  6. They look good. I don't see the burned part!