Monday, June 20, 2011



Finally!  The infamous Bostini.  I have been reminded many times over that I have not made the Bostinis.   Today was the day and it took all day.  It really shouldn't have.  These aren't difficult.  I made the custard first so it would be cooled and ready once the cupcakes were baked. There was leftover chocolate lacquer glaze in the freezer from La Bomba so I pulled that out to thaw.  My silicone cupcake holders must be a smaller size because they certainly did not fill the top of the larger glasses but fit perfectly in the smaller size.
I thought the granddaughters would find it cute having their own tea party size Bostinis but I was wrong.  Rose's custard has become legend in this house and the idea of getting shortchanged was more than they could fathom.  Let's just say the Bostini Happy Dance was most entertaining.  The adults have given it double thumbs up as well.  The chocolate lacquer goes great with the cake and custard.  And littlest Baby Granddaughter, the one who went crazy over the orange cake months ago?  She's been through two mini cupcakes and would go for a third.


  1. yay you did it! they look fabulous, and the thought of the granddaughters feeling shortchanged because they got a smaller cup of custard is adorable. good to know the lacquer glaze works well here too.

  2. The Bostinis were great; I'm glad you made them. I'm with the granddaughters - the custard was the highlight!

  3. Finally!!! :o) Aren't you glad you did? I LOVED this one and remember it well. And I remember the baby who loved the orange chiffon cake. Glad she enjoyed this one too :o)

  4. ב''ה

    Congrats on finally making them! I have to say though that the super rich buttery chocolate topping given in the recipe really makes them decadent.

  5. C'mon Vicki, you can do the Shortcake! You got what, 2 cakes left! Go go go!

    Trying to encourage you here, but I know how you feel. That's why I didn't make the caramel for the mud turtle :).