Monday, August 16, 2010

Chocolate Feather Bed

Flourless cakes are intriguing.  Mix chocolate, eggs, sugar and vanilla together and magic happens.  Top with  whipped chocolate ganache and the combination is sublime.  Rose dreamt up chocolate heaven with this Chocolate Feather Bed.

The recipe called for dark chocolate which sounded perfect for my favorite Lindt 50%.  As luck would have it, there was none to be found.  Lindt 70% and Creamy Milk were substituted in even amounts.  There must be an easy way to calculate dark chocolate percentage, but the more I read,  the more confused I became.
But it's just not possible to go wrong with Lindt chocolate.

Mixing up the batter was surprisingly easy.  Since I made half the recipe, I didn't split the cake but instead cut it into four equal parts.  There were plenty of hands to help with this delicate procedure. Eldest granddaughter was quite adept at scraping crumbs off the parchment and taste testing the trimmed bits.

The mini Cuisinart is still standing in for The Beast and could not hold all the ganache ingredients. The chocolate and half the heated whipping cream were pulsed, then the remainder added and mixed in the Kitchen Aid.  It worked.
The magical part was watching the cooled chocolate mixture transform into a billowy topping.  My quality control inspector stayed on task.  Rose's whipped ganache passed muster with middle granddaughter.

 Lindt white chocolate lightly grated over the top and then garnished with fresh picked blackberries lined up by little fingers completed this lighter than air cake.  Everyone loved it.  So much so that I'm off for more chocolate to bake the other half.


  1. white chocolate--what a great idea! it's true, you can't go wrong with lindt chocolate! i love your quality control inspector's method of inspection.

  2. I LOVE that photo of your grand-daughter licking the lid! Soooo cute and so precious!! She's so adorable!

    I love that last photo..your cake looks perfect! :D

  3. The white chocolate and blackberries are a really nice touch!

  4. What a beautiful torte. I also use only Lindt for my baking. Love the picture of your kitchen helper, very cute.

  5. Your cake looks wonderful! Great Job!! Alice Meidrich in her book Bittersweet explains how to substitute a higher percentage chocolate in recipes. She makes it easy.

  6. could you send over your quality inspector? I need that type of cuteness around my kitchen!

  7. Looks delish! And the quality control inspector is adorable!!!!!

  8. Your layers look great. And how about those curls, both the chocolate and the blonde!

  9. Giggling alot at your quality control officer. Clearly from the health department!!!

    Great looking cake. I am a week behind in baking and three weeks behind in blogging.

    Love your new colours et al.