Monday, April 26, 2010

Coffee Chiffonlets with Dulce de Leche Whipped Cream

Chiffonlets, what a cute name!  Makes me want to scour the SPCA for a forlorn little poodle mix, take her or him to the dogie parlor and re-christen her Chiffonlet.  Or if it's a him, Dulce.  These little cakes are stunning.  Espresso on a fork.

Simple ingredients really; cake flour, sugar,leavening, instant espresso, eggs, oil, vanilla and cream of tartar poured into a non-stick mini bundt cake pan.  They stuck anyway and had to be hacked out.  A Kahlua sugar syrup brushed over the cake made for a depth of coffee flavor.  The crowning glory for these tiny little cakes was the incredibly delicious whipped cream with caramelized condensed milk.  I will never look at a can of condensed milk the same way again. 

This Dulce de Leche Whipped Cream is so exquisite there  really is no need for the cake, judging by all the spoons I washed, the dibs over bowls and beaters.  I suppose as a caramel lover it's only natural to be completely captivated by dulce de leche.  One of my very favorite Hagan Daz ice cream flavors is their Dulce de Leche.  My paternal grandmother made a rice pudding which was frequently stirred while baking in the oven, producing a caramel, chewy candy throughout.  I realize now it was a version of dulce de leche.

This is the first attempt at caramelizing the condensed milk.  It came out of the oven resembling curdled custard.  Using a cast iron pan for the water bath probably was just a little too hot.  Carnation has a double boiler method on their web site so I gave that a try.  It was easier and less terrifying for me than facing a pie pan floating precariously on scalding water.

This recipe goes to the top of the Favorite Cakes list.  Next time I'll make it in a regular size angel food cake pan if I have not found the mini angel food cake pans since this recipe totally justifies buying them.


  1. There is nothing like dulce de leche... yum! if you can find the stuff already made, its just as good as the stuff you make a home.

    Oh...psst and a tip... I make rice pudding and instead of sugar I use sweeten condensed milk...heaven!

    Your tiny cakes look sooo cute!

  2. Vicki, your chiffonlets look beautiful. They look exactly like the ones the book. Not sure how you did that since you don't have the pan :o) This recipe was definitely another RHC winner and I don't even like coffee!

  3. for being hacked out your cakes look great! i love the idea of a little poodle named dulce!

  4. ב''ה

    Hey, those look great. Good tip about the Carnation recipe.

  5. These look just divine! I will make them very soon. Glad to know about the Carnation site. Never would have thought to look there. joan

  6. You are so funny! I can totally imagine you having 2 little poodles: dulce and chiffonlets, :).
    The cake looks very pretty and sounds yummy.

  7. you could hide Rose's chiffonlets and picture yours and we wouldn't know the difference! they look perfect! I'm so impressed you made your on dulce de leche! it must've tasted way better than my store bought one. I agree that you can totally make a dessert out of the whip cream...sounds like a fun experiment...a dulce de leche mousse maybe!

  8. Very cute chiffonlets. The SPCA part is too funny :)