Monday, February 22, 2010

English Gingerbread Cake

I learned a huge lesson: never EVER admit it's a free choice week when asked which cake is being baked from Rose's Heavenly Cakes book. Rose's book suddenly turned into a tempting dessert cart.

And I struggled as well, reading through the list Marie baked before my book arrived. I hadn't realized she made so many, especially the Chocolate Raspberry Trifle which I've been eagerly wanting to make since first opening the book and landed on the picture. Trouble for me really started when HCB'ers posted their choices. It further added to my indecision; they all looked and sounded delectable.

I searched for something light, whilst fending off pleas for cheesecake, and leaned towards the Red Fruit Shortcake. It's a good thing the bakery supply store is closed on Mondays because I have my eye on a -don't read this Marie- Nordicware berry basket pan for shortcakes. But then, my eldest granddaughter jumped up and down with excitement, squealing "Make the cake that failed because the oven broke. It was the best."

Ah, yes, that would be the Gingerbread fiasco.....

Thus began my second attempt at English Gingerbread Cake. As before, it is quite a simple cake to make, probably the simplest one in Rose's book.

But for the love of all things holy and true, can someone please explain to me the secret for mixing in flour ingredients by hand without annoying little white puffs exploding just when the batter teases it has been sufficiently mixed?

Where are those Two Fat Women that Raymond speaks of? I need help. This happens whenever folding is required and the KitchenAid is forbidden.

I opted for the mini bundt Nordicware pan as I figure they will be easier to give away. I still am paying the piper for the decadent chocolate confections consumed over Valentine's Day. The kids love "painting" cakes and always line up to help. These were much better coming out of an oven that actually heated vs only broiling.

Notice the baking attire-apron with a princess cape. Very difficult to measure when one's pink measuring cups are in the hands of a three year old who claims all things pink as her own.

See? SEE? SEEEEEE????? Blasted white flour puffs taunting and mocking......

Ayurvedic repentent couscous with almonds and cranberries, side of broccoli and lemon spritz because I like a bit of excitement during my spartan feasts.


  1. The little princess with apron is so cute! And what lovely mini bundt! Is that your dinner? That's way too healthy! :)

  2. Is the princess baker the one who loves sprinkles? Her curly hair is beautiful!

    Adorable little ginergbread bundts! I made a ton of lemon curd over the weekend. I'm taking some into the office today to share with my coworkers. One of the ladies said that she was going to make gingerbread to go with it, a combination she had at her grandmother's.

    haha - The couscous looks so good it's difficult to think of it as repentent.

  3. Love the apron with princess additions! I need to do that to mine. Your couscous looks amazing.

  4. Yay, I'm glad you went back and "conquered" the English Gingerbread Cake :o)

  5. I so wanted to make the trifle as well, but the thought of all those steps put me clean off.

    I love the photo of your little princess. I like to think that you have matching outfits when you bake. Wouldn't that be sensational! A fur lined princess baking cape. Now, there is an untapped baking accessory market!!

    I have the same issues with folding. Except I uncover mine when I tip them into the pan...

    Great looking little gingerbread cakes.