Sunday, November 22, 2009

Catalan Salt Pinch Orthodic Cake

This is the first cake of Rose's I have made without one mistake.

It was a complete and utter flop.

I have read and re-read the recipe trying to figure out what went wrong. I followed the recipe exactly and did not leave out any ingredients. It is dense and rubbery; easily used for shoe inserts. Lisa Douglas' "hotscakes" on Green Acres comes to mind. You know the ones, used to repair Oliver's engine head gasket or for roof shingles.

Yes, really, my golden lovely cake is Flubber, only it doesn't bounce. Nor make my car fly.


That's it-back to Trader Joes for more sliced almonds. Stay tuned, or not, for Catalan Salt Pinch Cake Round Two.


  1. hmmm.... wonder what went wrong. Did you use fresh eggs? Bleached AP or Cake flour? Superfine sugar?

    Did you like the flavor of this cake?

  2. Very fresh eggs, cake flour and superfine sugar.
    The only part with any recognizable flavor is the thin top crust. I like anything almond so I'm sure I would have liked this cake. I'd like to wrap it and send it to Rose for dissection.

  3. hi Vicki, sorry to hear that something went wrong with your cake. I didn't use superfine sugar (caster sugar) actually. I always just use the normal fine sugar. Perhaps you overfold your flour into the batter? Try it again, i'm sure you'll be able to make it right. :)

  4. Ahh provided me with a clue. I probably deflated the eggs when I added the lemon zest. I remember thinking "Are they supposed to do this?" but they were still thick and glossy, just half the volume!

    About to start a second cake.

  5. I thought this cake was just awful. If I was you wouldn't bother baking it again. Mine sat on my counter for a week and no one in my family would even taste it. I took one slice and finally threw it away