Monday, December 19, 2016

Perfect Christmas Stollen

This is the recipe for 
It was a real learning experience.
Growing up Stollen was not on 
our Christmas table.

I have been intrigued since eyeing Stollen
in a delightful bakery years ago.
The few store bought ones
I purchased
were disappointing.
Very hard, dry and tasteless.

The recipe calls for soaked dried fruit.
This fruit has been soaking
in rum for so many years
I've actually forgotten the exact number.
It was intended for fruitcake.

I'm not sure why,
 other than making two mistakes,
why the dough was so wet.
I poured all the flour into the sponge
instead just one half cup.
Also I had to pull it out of the "proofing" microwave box
and add a forgotten egg yolk.

I used White Lily flour and am
not sure if that affected the dough.
It was more of a thick cake consistency.

It is tasty though!
Very tender crumb.
The almond paste center is amazing.


  1. Well it looks just like mine! Maybe its because we used the same flour. And you found yours tasty as I did. There were some mistakes I think I made, as you say you did, but I think next time around it will be great. I guess another flour might help, we'll see.

  2. I think your last lines sum it up… "It is tasty though!
    Very tender crumb.
    The almond paste centre is amazing." That sounds pretty good to me!! Kudos for giving it all a go :)