Monday, April 4, 2016

Meringue Birch Twigs

Well, It looks like a storm hit these
Meringue Birch Twigs.

Very simple to make
Mix up egg whites with 
sugar and vanilla
then pipe in
straight lines,
and bake for an hour.

Let cool
and drizzle
with melted chocolate.

Try and remove without cracking
the delicate twigs.

These are similar to eating 
cotton candy
which is to say,
it's almost like eating air.

They were fun to make
underscored once again
I have zero patience for piping
which may have to do
with zero skills.
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. You are underestimating your abilities! Your birch twigs look wonderful :D

  2. I agree with Jeniffer! Your birch twigs look wonderful! I'll be sitting out on this one. Hard to bake these in such hot and humid weather..without t hem sticking to one another..

  3. They turned out great! Kim had trouble with hers sticking to silpats, but I see you and Marie used parchment and didn't have any trouble so I think I'll go ahead and use parchment too. Just made the meringue and will pipe my twigs in a few minutes.

  4. They look fine! I tend to avoid piping too, but this worked out okay. Though they did break easily.

  5. Those are so interesting! My piping skills are pretty lacking for sure!