Thursday, April 14, 2016

ChocolaTea Cake

Rose's ChocolaTea Cake

with caramel buttercream filling
from the FloRo

Half the cake was absconded by
granddaughter number three
before it was frosted.
How could I refuse
when she asked if it was dairy free?
It was without the frosting.

The ganache is delicious.
Combined with the caramel buttercream,
As for the 
I was blind sided genoise
cake layers,
well Taylor Swift says it best-
We are never ever getting back together.

Go have a look see at the other
 and see how it was supposed to
turn out.

I did have fun using my new
All-Clad Saucier pan.
I have coveted this pan
since reading about it
on David Lebovitz's blog 
but it was expensive.
I've watched the sales
for a couple years now
and finally it got down
to a reasonable price.

I love this pan!
The round shape was perfect
for all the cooking steps.
It's going to be great for lemon curd.

There are other saucier pans
much less expensive 
I'm sure just as good;
I just wanted All-Clad
to go with my other pans.

Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. I've been eyeing the saucier pans too--yours looks like it will be fun to use.
    Very generous to give away half of your cake, but it's hard to say no to grandchildren.

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  3. Vicki your cake looks delicious and sounds very good with caramel buttercream, what a great idea with the pan.

  4. I have that saucier and love it!!! Yes to lemon curd in that pan. No corners to worry about! I feel you on the genoise troubles. Here's 2 things that helped me, in case you feel the urge to try again. 1. I beat the eggs 1 min longer then the recipe says to. 2. I use the KA whisk attachment to fold together. My hand gets a little messy but it's worth it. At least the frostings are delicious and it was a cake your granddaughter could eat.

  5. Well it's impressive that you had caramel buttercream on hand! I bet it was delicious even if you're mad with the cake.

  6. I love my All Clad Saucier pan! It is so versatile! I feel you on the grandchild issue. Mine get pretty much whatever they want, especially when it involves desserts!