Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yellow Butter Cupcakes with Canned Frosting


I gave Rose's Yellow Butter Cupcakes a try after being asked to make ninety cupcakes for a birthday party, lost my nerve and used boxed mixes.  I need a good cupcake go to recipe and this one fits the bill perfectly.  The canned leftover frozen frosting from the ninety cupcakes delighted the granddaughters.  They love this preservative filled artificially flavored stuff.  If I ever find a recipe that approximates the flavor I'll be very happy.


  1. I love the post title! Sort of the opposite of our usual fancy-schmancy cake names. And what looks more festive than cupcakes with sprinkles?

  2. Wow, 90 cupcakes. You were busy! They're very cute and festive :o)