Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quail Free Egg Indulgence Cake


I just couldn't do it.  I couldn't bring myself to go hunting for quail eggs.  I love quails.  I adore quails.  They are native to California and the state bird.  It used to be a common thing to see a covey of quails, darting in single file with one parent at the lead and the other bringing up the rear.  Now, because of the horrendous building boom, it  is a rare occasion to see quails.

I realize it is completely hypocritical to use chicken eggs instead.  In my zany defense, I do buy organic free range eggs.  And I soothe my conscience even further by remembering the oodles of eggs our chicken used to lay about the yard without giving them a second look.  Can you tell I have guilt issues over eggs as a non vegan vegetarian?

The recipe made five small cupcakes.  We all agreed they taste rather like a sugar cookie in cake form.  Three of us liked them, one didn't and the last has yet to be eaten by the final taste tester, my daughter's beau, although he did humor me and take the picture.


  1. ב''ה

    I also made cupcakes. Interesting description, "sugar cookie in cake form."

    I thought the state bird was the condor?

  2. My quail eggs were from a local quail farm, so I figured that was no worse than buying chicken eggs. I don't know if that's just rationalization, but I already do a lot of rationalizing about what I eat.

  3. Oh, Vicki, sorry about your egg issues. My parents used to raise quail to train our bird dogs, but my favorite quail eggs are malted milk. I'm glad to hear the majority of your tasters liked this.

  4. Oh..ok..i don't know where my quail eggs come from..:S..but we eat quail eggs as a dessert in sweet soups too.. hmm..

    i have no time to bake this..i really wanted to try..

  5. Oh know, egg issues. My chore growing up was gathering and cleaning the chicken eggs before going to school and once a month cleaning out the chicken coops. Not being able to use quail eggs is definitely okay. There are things in life we just have to be okay with not doing and give ourselves a break.

  6. No quail eggs to be found around here - bummer because I want to try a technique I found for opening them easily.

    Thanks for visiting my choc chip post.... Doris? Cookie rings?