Monday, November 14, 2016

Chocolate Sweetheart Madeleines

While I was dipping these lovely 
little morsels in chocolate ganache, 
I had visions of Lucy and Ethel
on the candy line.
Probably because
it was a slap dash operation.
There was lots of chocolate splashing about.

Rose's cake batters are dangerous.
why bother baking them at all?
Just hand out spoons and sit 
around the mixer bowl like a fondue pot.

I used both a large sized Madeleine pan and a mini.
The larger size worked better for me.
There were more casualties amongst the mini
which meant more 
to pop into my very willing mouth.

I'm too lazy to set up a nice tea party.
They are wrapped and ready to roll out of the house.
I like them far too much.
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. I will confess that what should have been the batter for the 25th madeleine was eaten as a baker's treat. They really are too easy to eat baked or not!

  2. Looks so chocolatey with the glaze! A great chocolate treat, I must say.

  3. These look good! I painted mine with a sable brush that took forever - duh!