Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Heavenly Chocolate Mousse Cake

All's well
that ends well.

The sponge cake, 
which I was dreading,
turned out fine.

Filled with confidence
I started melting chocolate 
with cream for the mousse.
Simple enough
an hour later 
it still wasn't 
up to 77C degrees.
I gave up at 74C
and popped it in the frig
to chill.
But wait...
why was there a bowl of egg yolks
sitting on the counter?

Retrieving the chocolate soup
I whisked in the yolks,
all twelve of them,
and tried to bring it up to 77C degrees.

All seemed to be going right,
the chocolate was thickening nicely
and then
the most peculiar thing happened;
oil started seeping out of a 
chocolate-y congealed mass.

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 I "calmly" asked myself
what would the Alpha Bakers do?
Whisk it back to life!
the KitchenAid
did just that.
Tackling the
sponge was another thing.
My too large loaf pan
completely out witted
 the template geometry.
The ends 
pieced together
like brick walls.
Spackling the 
rather thick mousse 
inside the cake lined
loaf pan
was a bit tricky.

Wrapped in plastic
and back to the frig
since by
now it was late into the night.

It flipped out okay
but looks can be deceiving. 

Mousse is a bit dense
straight out of the frig

It isn't symmetrical like
Still it made for a mighty
tasty breakfast.
The chocolate mousse
is definitely worth
the stirring.
The hardest part
is waiting for it
to come back
to room temperature
(or 6-8 seconds per slice in the microwave for the impatient moi)
but once it does
the airy chocolate
is amazing
with the tender sponge cake.
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. I so love your honesty and the way you describe the process, and much admire your persistence despite it all.

  2. turned out delicious...! i got lots to catch up later.. after my big project..:)

    1. That sounds intriguing! What is the big project or is it secret?

  3. Love the chocolate soup bit. I could't get mine anywhere near 77C even with the egg yolks. Plus I thought mine was starting to separate too. Anyway all well, as you say. Your top photo looks perfect.