Sunday, May 31, 2015

French Orange Cream Tart

This might be my favorite recipe so far from
The Baking Bible.

I loved everything about it.
Everyone who scored a slice of this tart
loved it.
Including kids.

It's one of those desserts that is 
dangerous to have around.
A little sliver here....
A little sliver there.....

Image result for iwani food torch images

First thing on the agenda was
ordering a torch.   I've been
more than leery of these incendiary devices,
but it was time to face the fire.

The sweet cookie crust was super easy;
butter, flour, salt, turbinado sugar, egg yolk and cream.
I skipped the baggy step and poured it into 
a bowl, using the back of a large spoon
smooshing it together, 
a la 
Knitty Baker Jenn's renegade method.

After a rest in the frig,  the dough was pressed
into the tart pan rather
than rolling it out.
I saw this on a video and decided
to give it a go.
It was so much fun that middle granddaughter
turned the leftover dough into two 
mini pies the same way.

Rose did say to brush the baked crust if it cracked
with white chocolate.
The grocery store was out of Lindt white chocolate
but they did have Lindt white truffles.

Eleven truffles melted and one for moi.

The filling couldn't have been easier to mix up.
First orange and lemon zest are pulverized 
with sugar.
Heavenly fragrance, that.

The orange and lemon juice are reduced and cooled

This is added to lots and lots of egg yolks,
sugar mixture, heavy cream and Grand Marnier,

I did add a bit of orange oil.

My size mixer doesn't have a splash guard
but it wasn't necessary.
I didn't get splashed.

Popped into the oven and baked, the hardest part
was letting it cool and set.
This is a frequent hazard of TBB recipes,
but it was very late and  the tart was tucked
overnight in the frig.

The next morning
the condensation was blotted with paper towels
and the tart liberally covered with powdered sugar.
Even though it was dry, it started melting quickly.
Maybe next time it should be at room temperature? 

Time to ignite the torch,
except I never got the chance.
Let's just say the male species in my sphere
took it upon themselves to have a go
caramelizing the tart.
And they did not take turns willingly.
New Toy....

Even the overly dark torched sugar spots
were incredibly tasty.

This recipe is definitely on the make again many times list.

Rose Levy Berenbaum 


  1. Looks gorgeous :) I should have made mini pies with the leftover pastry like your granddaughter! The orange/lemon pulverised sugar does have a heavenly fragrance, I like your use of Lindt white chocolate truffles and I hope you can pry the new toy away and get to play with your torch soon.

  2. Your tart looks so yummy esp. with Lindt white truffles chocolate!! These truffles are my favorite. I can eat like a whole box in one sitting. I agree, this tart is a winner! Thank you for the recommendation to the book, i think check it out soon. Eating this tart for breakfast is such an awesome idea! :D

  3. A little sliver here a little sliver there! I hear you!!


  4. i absolutely loved this tart too...these lindt truffle are so good,i try to ignore ton my trips to the grocery store..

  5. Definitely on the bake again list for me too. I missed the part with the white chocolate. Hmm. just the same, I enjoyed reading though and looking at your pics.

  6. Your tart looks great! From now on I'm renaming my torch "my incendiary device"! Wasn't the tart dangerously delicious? My friends and I did the same, sliver by tiny sliver...then it was all gone.

  7. Oh my goodness, how did you manage to not get splashed? Mine splashed all over the place, even with the splatter shield! Oh well - glad you liked the tart so much. If you get a chance, I finally posted my tart and would love if you stopped by.

    Patricia @ ButterYum