Friday, April 29, 2011

Prince William's Grooms Cake


Did anyone else forfeit a night's sleep to watch Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding?  Yes?No?
I was intrigued about his choice of Grooms cake the minute I read about it:

In March of 2011, it was announced that Prince William of Wales had chosen a groom's cake for his wedding reception, made from 17,000 McVitie's Rich Tea biscuits and 17kg of chocolate.

My Blood Hound instincts kicked into gear and I tracked down the recipe then the McVitie's, which proved more difficult than the recipe.  I had forgotten about a little British tea shop that carries a small selection of British food.  "Yes, luv, I just received a shipment of McVitie's."   There's nothing in the world like a cheery British accent to brighten a day.

To say this is a snap to make is no exaggeration.  The only change I made was tempering the egg with the melted chocolate then pouring the egg into the chocolate.  I also did not have a six inch spring form pan but remembered one of the HCB'ers lined a cakepan with parchment for cheesecake.  Whichever one of you that was, it's a great tip.  The recipe said to drizzle white chocolate over the top but as you can see, I melted an entire Lindt white chocolate Easter Bunny and drenched the cake.


Verdict?  Everyone loved this thing.  I mean loved it big time.  It's dense and rich, no doubt about it.  I used Lindt 70% dark chocolate.  My feeling is whatever chocolate is one's favorite, that is what should be used.  I am wondering if Rose has a recipe for a Rich Tea Biscuit lying about.  I can only imagine what it would be like with homemade cookies, err biscuits.


  1. Looks yummy! Way to get in the spirit of the big day.

  2. In Venezuela we do a similar version of this but with Maria cookies and lots of butter to mix in with the chocolate.. I have it on my list for cakes to do for the blog.. but this one is going to be on the list as well....

    And yes, guilty! I woke, up and saw the wedding (THAT DRESS!) - good luck to them.. I think they will make it :)

  3. Vicki, I am SO EXCITED you tracked down the recipe for the cake! I spent many hours staring at the photos on the British Monarchy's flickr feed and asking no-one in particular "but what about THE INSIDES?" I love a good digestive biscuit, especially the chocolate covered ones, so this cake is right up my alley. THANK YOU!