Thursday, January 27, 2011



This month's Avid Bakers Challenge was Evie Lieb's Processor Challah in Flo Braker's Baking for All Occasions.  It is no secret I am yeast phobic.  Hanaa rightly thought this recipe would be the perfect bread recipe for a novice.  And it was!

I honestly do not think I have enjoyed making anything as much as I did this bread.  The recipe itself was unbelievably simple with the food processor doing nearly all the work.  The dough bent a new 11 cup Cuisinart bread blade and did make the machine jump around.   Perhaps the KitchenAid dough hook would work better.

The few minutes of kneading was just enough for me to understand how bread dough could become positively addicting.  Tucking it to rise inside a ziplock bag proved great fun for the granddaughters.  Seeing it quickly inflate was mesmerizing.  I watched a few youtube clips on braiding Challah and settled on a very simple three strand braid.  Next time I'll go for four.  And judging by the family's enthusiasm for this Challah, there will be more loaves in the future.


  1. What a beautiful loaf, Vicki. Love the golden color from the egg wash. I have to agree that this recipe is super simple and I'm glad you enjoyed making it too. It makes me less scared of yeast and wanting to try more yeast recipes (if you haven't noticed, that's exactly what we'll do every other month at ABC) :o)

  2. I used to bake Challah all the time, but have gotten out of the habit - a low carb diet at one time maybe. This loaf is beautiful and is inspiring me to try it again! I can't wait to see a four strand braid.

  3. It's beautiful! I have to try making it! take me off cakes for a while..hahaha

    i know i still owe you the pineapple carving tutorial..i still have yet to get my hands on pineapples! as soon as i get them..i'll do a tutorial for you! :D sorry for the delay!

  4. I'm glad you had so much fun baking this bread. To me, it's the braiding that's the hard part, but it looks like you got that right on the first try!

  5. ב''ה

    Nice yellow shade. You can go up to at least six braids. :)