Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Barcelona Brownie Bars

Barcelona Brownie Bars was the only recipe left to get me in the starting gate lineup when Heavenly Cake Bakers officially started.  I'm happy to say last night the Barcelona Brownies brought me up to speed.  That still leaves 18 free choice cakes.

When I read Rose's instructions that these brownies could be made in a Madeleine pan, I ran to the store for MORE CHOCOLATE.  Madeliene cookies are my favorite.  I bought a Madeleine pan years and years ago.  It's among my most treasured possessions.

This brownie is full of chocolate, roasted pecans and more chocolate in the form of ganache.  It's a simple recipe and judging how quickly they disappeared, will go on the Please Make Again list.

The recipe had enough batter to fill five mini tart pans as well.  Mini tart pans make everything cuter.


  1. Boy could I got for a couple of madeliene brownies right about now. I love that you made them into mini tart shapes too. Excellent.


  2. Hey Vicki. I haven't made these either and have no idea I can use the madeleine pan. Sounds like a good idea. Will have to add this to the to-do list.

  3. Wonderful and so chocolatey. Finger licking good, I suspect.

    I'm sitting her trying to decide what beverage is needed - a latte, a nice cuppa tea, or maybe and icy cold glass of milk.

  4. such a good idea to use madeleine pan! i have the pans which i bought in Melbourne but never use it yet! :p

  5. OMGoodness! I am running to my cookbook now to bake these brownies bars . . . I can not believe how delicious they look in your pictures! Heaven!