Sunday, January 31, 2016

Irish Cream Scones with Raspberry Butterscotch Lace Topping


Shall I be mother?

It is bad luck to have more than one person 
pour tea from the pot,
or so it is said.
Perhaps this is the origin of
the expression
"Shall I be mother?"
Should I pour out tea for everyone? 
Tea and scones
and a lively chat with my daughter, granddaughters 
or friends always makes me happy.

This is the recipe I have been waiting to bake
since we began sifting our way through
Rose's Baking Bible.
Being able to make a decent scone
has eluded me,
even with all the Irish, Scottish and English DNA,
until now.

The ingredients are few:
bread flour, baking powder, salt, lemon rind,
raisins (I used currents),  sugar, honey
and heavy cream stirred together.
Quick knead,  patted into an
eight inch circle
and baked for a very short time,
they popped out of the oven 
with the most wonderful aroma.

It was difficult not to tuck in right there
but Rose declared her Raspberry Butterscotch Sauce
"Is to live for!"
Catherine's  post.
So I carried on.

It's always a bit of a chore smashing
raspberries through a fine mesh sieve
and all the rest of  the finicky steps,
but oh so worth it in the end.
Really worth it!
Next time I double it 
at the very least.

The recipe says the Raspberry Butterscotch
can also be mixed into whipped cream.
I opted to make use of the 
left over Devonshire cream
in the frig.

It makes me happy that I can 
finally make a decent scone
with an amazing topping.
It is better than any tea room
scone I have ever had.

Such a surprise.
I never thought this day would come.
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. I'm so glad you liked the sauce too! I loved it.

  2. this is so wonderfully gratifying i'm forwarding the link to Nancy Weber who gave me the recipe for the scones!

  3. Gorgeous! Brings back the privileged moment in the kitchen at the Merrion Hotel watching pastry master Paul Kelly lovingly double-glaze his scones. All credit to him for generously sharing his secrets & to Rose for perfectly translating his recipe for the home cook. And now this charming blog post provides another golden (& fragrant) link in a world-wide chain, all our ovens linked together, baking happiness.

  4. lovely scones, all were gone the next day!