Monday, January 11, 2016

King Cake

A long time ago,
I ordered a King Cake
expressed shipped from New Orleans.
Even with over night shipping,
it was a bit worse for wear 
but still good.
My husband was a Fed Ex manager
back then and nearly free shipping was one of the perks.

I can't remember why I thought 
this was a good idea or even where
I got the idea, 
never having been to New Orleans.

My kids were quite young then
but it made an impression.
My now grown up son asked if I would make
a King Cake.
He recently visited New Orleans on business.
So I gave it a go

My assistant took over the all important
task of frosting and shaking the sprinkles.
It was a fun dough to work with
and smelled heavenly with the addition
of lemon oil and fresh nutmeg.
The KA version was filled with sweetened cream cheese.
See what happens 
after baking along with fellow
Bread Bakers for a few months?
Enough confidence 
to tackle another yeasty bake.


  1. Looks so pretty! I always wanted to make one too!..Your assistant had great fun, I'm sure!

  2. Congrats Vicki! I know what you mean about gaining confidence to try new breads. I'm going to have to google King Cake as I'm not familiar with it. Your cake looks lovely as does your sweet assistant.