Tuesday, January 19, 2016


It's always fun to find a new treat
so when Hanaa from 
invited me to bake along
I was excited about
this recipe for Rondo's.

They were easy to mix up, 
first the almond filling
which is refrigerated,
and then the pastry dough,
which also is refrigerated.
Rolled out, filled, sealed and baked
in rings, the kitchen was filled
with a lovely aroma.

I used dark Muscavdo sugar and some
of the sugar didn't entirely melt
but it just added to the charm.
I also did not brush with the egg wash 
and adorn with almonds.
I had unexpected visitors
in the form of grandchildren

Baked in a four inch English muffin ring.

You can image the chaos.  
They loved them so much 
I was asked if the could take 
them all home!
That says everything, yes?!


  1. They look wonderful, Vicki! I love your grandkids' response. That's the best compliment :)

  2. Looks awesome! I want a slice too!

  3. I wash I was a grand child of yours!! Looks amazing.

  4. They look nice and taste good, whether decorated or not!
    I used English muffin rings, too.

  5. Grandchildren are always distracting, in a good way! These look delicious!