Monday, February 8, 2016

Perfect American French Toast

We love French Toast in my house.
It's one of those things I can make 
without thinking twice.
Rose's recipe for
Perfect American French Toast
is similar to my standard recipe
except for two things:
one she uses nutmeg instead of cinnamon
and two,
she stacks slices together.
I've never heard of this being done before
unless stuffed with fillings.

Bread soaking in egg mixture

Rose specifies white bread made without
eggs or dairy. I found such a loaf at 
Trader Joe's with great texture.

Her soaking mixture is rich with cream,
whole milk, nutmeg beaten together 
with eggs and vanilla.

Cooking under glass

I have a trick that I came up with while making
endless French Toast for grandchildren.
Always concerned that the eggy custard was cooked thoroughly,
I started covering the pan with a lid.
The most amazing thing happened; 
this results in enough steam that the bread interior remains
soft, the outer edges turn golden and the bread sort of puffs,
no matter what kind of bread is used.

Rose offers a variation with 
Yogurt and Raspberry Sauce.
Plain yogurt is strained resulting in a thickened
Frozen raspberries are drained and pushed through a wire mesh
after thawing.
Since mine weren't sweetened, 
I added sugar and the called for lemon juice.

This is what it should have looked like
had I been patient enough to wait.
Greek Yogurt would probably work well, too,
and then no need to drain.

Instead, it looked like this:

No matter,
it's delicious! 
And the stacked slices
make a nice thick serving.

Such a pretty presentation,
perfect for Valentine's Day.
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. Thanks for the tip! Next time I will try frying with a lid too! French toast not my favourite but my daughter likes it. :) I like my toast! I'm a boring person.

  2. I love french toast also! I am definitely going to try the lid trick. Here are some fun ones and I also tried a triple coconut french toast that was good.