Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sweet Potato Loaf

It's always amazing to see a dense lump of
dough transform into lighter than air bread.
This is exactly what happened with
Rose's Sweet Potato Loaf.

After an over night cool rise in the frig, 
sponge dough met a baked sweet potato and butter.
The dough had difficulty incorporating all the flour, 
remaining very dry, so I added
more sweet potato.
Probably because I used a different brand of 
unbleached flour.

When it became silky and sticky
as Rose described
it was off for a warm rise.

This recipe had several warm risings,
interspersed with a few folds.

The dough was soft, airy and very sticky.
I resorted to rolling it straight into the bread pan
from the bowl.
I knew the shape would not be correct
but  didn't want to deflate it too much.

Once again, 
waiting an hour for bread to cool,
is quite difficult.
The curiosity consumes me!
I want to see what the crumb looks like
and how it tastes.
Spread with Lyle's Golden Syrup,
this Sweet Potato Loaf is amazing!
Rose Levy Beranbaum 

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  1. You make me laugh, Vicki, with your all-consuming love of golden syrup. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the bread.