Monday, March 14, 2016

The Dutch Pecan Pi Sandies

It's Pi Day 2016

So in honor of this great occasion
Rose's  scrumptious 
Dutch Pecan Sandie cookies
have been converted into a pie.
Well, technically a tart.
With a sugar topping.

Pecans meant to blitz with flour, not sugar.

Wish I could say it was
clever inspiration
but in fact,
it was due to a bumbling mistake.

I was so excited to be using the new
Mini Cuisinart Plus
that my daughter sent for my birthday
that I didn't pay close enough attention.
The previous Mini Cuisinart,
which faithfully saw me through
Rose's Heavenly Cakes
and half way through The Baking Bible,
finally met it's demise.
The motor still works but the
blade doesn't spin.

Before baked

But I carried on
and hoped the sugar and pecans
would cream
with the Buerre Noisette.
It looked like buttercream,
as Rose indicated,
but the flour would not 
incorporate properly.
The dough was crumbly.
After reading Marie's
it didn't look like her's at all. 
I didn't think mine would
blend into a dough
that could be rolled.
So I tipped the whole thing
into a tart pan,
tapped it down,
scored and sugared the top,
like British shortbread,
chilled and baked.

Out of the oven

I scored it again while still warm,
removing the ring and let it cool.

Must say,
it's rather good!
This is an amazing recipe,
nothing at all like
the Keebler Elves'
Pecan Sandies
of my youth.

The kitchen smelled incredible
while they baked.

I would have loved
drizzled chocolate
over the top
I followed the recipe
it is delicious.
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. Great idea Vicki! I'm also going to make mine short cut way like you!

  2. Absolutely a good idea to made one big cookie, Vicki these cookies aer so delicious indeed.�� 😎 💕

  3. How smart of you to figure out what to do with a potential disaster! And you didn't even have to make lemonade.

  4. What a tasty adaptation! Great save!

  5. Looks like a cinnamon bread scone!

  6. did i mention that the first time i made them they were so fragile i could hardly transfer them off the cookie sheet but amazingly, by the next day, they metamorphosed into tender but much firmer perfect cookies?!

  7. Just like traditional shortbread - how clever of you to make the best of it. My mother has a wooden shortbread mould with a thistle pattern which she used to make shortbread at Christmas but it was always very difficult to get the shortbread out of the mould. The other option was to make it into a pretty shape the way you have.