Friday, March 11, 2016

Pretzel Bites

Note to self:
Never assume the marker in a cookbook is 
for the recipe you intend to bake.

I somehow managed to pull the ultimate
and baked the wrong recipe entirely.
I read through the recipe, 
bought both types of flour,
and finally carved out time to 
catch up on bread baking with
The Bread Bible Bakers.

Feeling quite pleased until
I reached the part that said to
form into a round loaf or put in a loaf pan.
Huh?  Thought they were supposed
to be shaped into little footballs?

Flipping back I finally notice
I made Basic Hearth Bread.
I have no idea.
Maybe my brain can't function without sugar.

So today I started again and it's an easy recipe
except my dough was very sticky
and didn't rise much.
I didn't hold out much hope
but boiled them in baking soda water
(instead of the lye step)
then brushed the tops
with beaten egg yolk.

Totally surprised 
to open the oven
and find perfectly browned
little rolls.

They are tasty tid bits.
Nice and soft and chewy.
Really good with
spicy Coleman's mustard.

I swear Rose is a magician.
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. Oooh, another Rose Levy Beranbaum fan! I have three of her books. I must try these!!! P.S. I have often followed the wrong directions too. Aaargh!!

  2. Bread with just mustard? Is that a tradition or just a personal foible? They do look great but I had to laugh when I saw you made the wrong recipe first off.