Saturday, March 19, 2016

New Zealand Almond and Fig Bread

Rose's New Zealand 
Almond and Fig Bread
is a fun recipe.

The first step is making a sponge
and covering it with flour and yeast.
Always love this part.
The moment the sponge breaks
through the cover of flour
is total affirmation
is working its magic!

After oil and salt are added
to the dough 
and kneaded together.
it rests and rises,
then rolls into a rectangle
awaiting dried figs and almonds.

A bit more kneading
then a series of warm rises
with a fold over tucked in.

The dough is rolled into a ball,
brushed with water and 
rolled in almonds.
One last rise and off 
to the oven.

Out of the oven apricot
glaze is brushed over the hot bread.

As always,
the hardest part is waiting
for the bread to cool.
So curious to cut and see
how the interior looks.

It's really good spread with
beurre noisette
on a barely warm slice.
Tomorrow maybe
with cream cheese for breakfast
and a sigh of relief
that I'm finally caught up
with the Alpha Bread Bakers.

Toasted under the broiler with cream cheese

Ahhh, yes!
Nice on both counts.
Rose Levy Beranbaum