Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Chocolate FloRo Elegance with Caramel Buttercream

This definitely is a cake for a special occasion.
wasn't kidding when she said it took 
eight hours to make.
The cake itself is simple
the frosting is multiple steps
interspersed with cooling times.
It is very sweet,
light and airy.
And wickedly delicious.

The combination of the chocolate cake
flavored with coffee
is nice.
Paired with the buttery caramel frosting
makes for a good combination.
 Glazed with Rose's
special chocolate lacquer
 off sets the sweetness.

Did anyone see the movie
with Bradley Cooper?
There is a scene
where he pours chocolate laquer
over a single layer cake
then blows gold dust over the top.
It's mesmerizing!
So of course I vowed
the next time we Alpha's
made chocolate lacquer
I would give it a try.

Definitely not as easy
as it looks.
Wonder how many takes
it took?
But so fun!

This cake is scrumptiously
I have enough leftover frosting
for a batch of cupcakes.
Yesterday was a very
long day of baking.
Next time I would
divide it into two days;
cake one day, frosting another.
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. I agree, this project would be best over 2 days. But I would do frosting first! The gold sparkles are really pretty over the lacquer glaze.

  2. Now you make me salivate cos I didn't have a slice of what I made. :( I bet it taste delicious!

    1. It was too good! Had to get it out of the house quickly after my husband and I had ours.

  3. The gold dust is beautiful! I wish someone had filmed you doing your Bradley Cooper imitation.

  4. Vicki, this cake is very rich and I can only eat a bit , I have never seen the video before that he blows the gold dust on top..The cake looks nice with the gold dust.

  5. Scrumptiously delicious sums it up perfectly. Kudos to you for making all the elements and then adding your own. The gold dust is a great touch. I once tried to make some Christmas cookies from a Scandanavian baking book which had gold dust round the edges. It looked great in the pictures but mine didn't look anything like them!