Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pizza Rustica

I'm either a day late for serving
Pizza Rustica,
a month early.
This savory Italian pie,
Pizza Rustica,
 is served for 
the day before Ash Wednesday
or Easter Sunday.

It's fun learning new culinary traditions.

For the photo tutorial process,
head over to the Alpha Bakers.

I felt lucky just to get this made,
mistakes and all.
First off, I couldn't find the dried thyme I bought
so ran outside and picked fresh from my herb container pot,
hoping I was actually clipping thyme in the dark.

Secondly I forgot to add the pecorino cheese into the ricotta mixture
and slap dash sprinkled it over the top.
Since I don't eat meat,
ham was added to half.
No spicey meat eaters in the house.
For my side, I sauteed mushrooms,
layered artichoke hearts and fresh basil.

It took much longer to bake than the recipe 
indicated. Thank goodness for 
instant read thermometers.

It's an interesting dish with
the sweetened crust.
The mushrooms and basil really off set it.
Curious, I read many different
versions and the sweetened dough
is standard but not required.
It seems the basic mixture
of eggs, ricotta and cheeses
can be varied with almost anything.

I'm glad we made this because I never
would have attempted it on my own.
I like it.
I'll make it again without ham and
add even more mushrooms, 
but I'm leaving out the sugar in the crust.
While once was okay, I definitely would prefer it without.  
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. I'm so relieved that you like it after I egged you on (no pun intended) to make it!

  2. Looks perfect to me! I didn't know you don't eat meat. I thought your daughter didn't eat meat. Fully mushroom would taste good too imo. I like Mushroom quiche. :)

  3. glad you liked it with the mushroom...Mmm artichoke hearts my favorite great idea.

  4. Mushrooms and artichokes sounds nice. The sausage was nice but the mushrooms would be a less salty alternative with all the cheese. I had a look at some recipes from Italian cooks and they didn't have sugar. Nigella had a recipe with a tablespoon of sugar. Anyway definitely no sugar for me next time. Lovely looking pie.