Monday, February 15, 2016

Pink Pearl Lady Cake

Rose's Pink Pearl Lady Cake

 This Lady certainly needed
a lady in waiting.
One high maintenance cake, indeed.

The cake itself was easy enough
and baked up nicely. 
I used all the batter, not holding
back the cupcake amount that Rose suggested,
only because the size pan I used easily accommodated the batter.

The fondant was entirely another matter.
Not a fan of fondant since being introduced
while wedding cake taste testing for my daughter's wedding
a few years ago.
Beautiful, gorgeous cakes but 
neither of us could get past the fondant.
One bakery even said
"Oh, people never eat it. They peel it off."
So why are we paying hundreds of dollars for an inedible cake?
The reason it's more popular over buttercream frosting 
is all due to temperature at the reception, 
especially in hot weather.

I was hoping Rose's white chocolate version
would make me a convert.
It's definitely better
but I still don't like it.

The strawberry mousseline which
covers the cake and fills the split cake layer
however, is delicious!
I used Trader Joe's Strawberry Spread
for the strawberry butter.
The flavor is nice.
My mousseline looked funny but
it was the correct temperature
and I didn't care at this point.

This cake could have easily stopped there
but it is beautiful with the fondant.
Extraordinarily beautiful.

I loved playing with the fondant
and sprinkling the pixie luster dust over the cake,
rolling the pearls about.

Because the white chocolate had vanilla bean flecks
in it, I dusted the top of the cake to cover them.

It is a show stopper
but my husband wanted to know
why the frosting was like eating clay?
So will I make it again?
Definitely, but not with fondant.
I saw a technique of using paper towels
to make buttercream look like fondant.
With the fun luster dust, 
I can see this cake making several 
appearances at birthdays.



Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. It turned out great! I'm with you on the fondant, though.

  2. Your cake and fondant turned out beautiful! I don't like fondant either, I usually peel it off too~

  3. really beautiful Vicki! i feel pretty much the same way about fondant. the one exception is the pistachio rose cake in the cake bible. somehow all the flavors and textures are so perfect together and the fondant has rose water as well. i don't often like rose water either but somehow somehow it is really special here.

  4. 'Didn't care at this point' I hear you sista! Your cake looks beautiful despite the 'clay'. My mother is the only person I know who likes fondant. Maybe my aunt too. :)