Monday, August 24, 2015

Woody's Black and White Browiies

This is the brownie that could easily be on 
one of those late night commercials for some
gadget or another~
"But wait!  There's more!"
When I first saw we were making brownies on Marie's
site, I was so relieved.

Ahh, good, a quick and easy recipe.
Just what I need.

"Not so fast", warned my daughter.  "This is after all a Rose recipe." 

Still, brownies, how complicated could they be?
And then I read the recipe.
This definitely was not going to be a Q and E.
What can I say?  I fell off the baking mojo.
Having my daughter with her new baby here for two weeks was wonderful
and truthfully, a three month old doesn't leave a lot of time for 
things like baking.

Rocking took center stage.
What wasn't wonderful was she came to pick up her eldest daughter
who spends the summer with us.
I miss the hubbub that only a teenager can bring.
I miss her smile, her infectious laugh,  
her presence.
In short, I haven't felt much like baking.

Assembling the ingredients got me focused.

Going through the freezer looking for pecans,
I found a bag of frozen dreamy creamy frosting.

So really, this did turn into a somewhat Q & E.

Once the brownie base was made, I whipped the thawed
Dreamy Creamy and spread it over the top,
turning the leftover into truffles.

After sufficiently chilled,
it was time to make the ganache,
one of my favorite things to do.

And that's it! 


  1. Aww, I'm sorry you are missing your family :( glad at least baking gave you something to focus on. Your ganache is super shiny! I should make better use of my freezer, I want to "find" some dreamy creamy frosting already made. "But wait! There's more!"… too funny :)

  2. Your brownies look wonderful! I hope you are feeling better now that you are getting your baking mojo back. I think I can understand how you feel. Now that my daughter has grown up and all adult now, I miss the time spent with her all the time when she was younger. I can't imagine the day when she gets married and move will be like a constant missing spot in my heart..

  3. sorry you're missing your granddaughter. I agree this is one of those recipes when your heart sinks a bit at the steps. How lucky you had some frozen icing, it looks really delicious. Glad you've got your baking mojo back.

  4. I love how baking can calm things down a bit (even if it's only temporary). Your brownies look great. I too considered making the Dreamy Creamy frosting (or a plain white choc ganache) but then came across my bag of Kraft caramels.
    To answer your question on my blog, I did use chocolate in addition to the cocoa powder, however I used a good-quality Dutch 54% dark chocolate (instead of the 60-65% that Rose recommended).

  5. "but wait, there's more" - LOL!!! So true.

  6. You realize I must make brownies right this minute now! Love the layers..looks all completely creamy dreamy.