Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rootbeer Beer Bread

This month's Bread Bible recipe is
for Rose's Beer Bread.
I really can't stand beer; the taste, the smell,
the fumes at twenty paces.
So when I asked the gal at Trader Joe's 
which beer was less like beer,
she excitedly said 

I was a bit confused but she assured me 
it was indeed real beer..
With 5.9% alcohol content
it qualified.  

So I bought a bottle for my 
daughter and I to make the beer bread.

It was an easy dough to mix up with
very few ingredients.

I followed Kim's advice and checked it early.
It baked fifteen minutes less than 
called for and still was over done.

The rootbeer beer gave it a slightly
sweet flavor that lends very well with 
different jams. 
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. Looks like it has a nice crust. Interesting about the Root Beer being actual beer - I thought it was a soft drink. Maybe that's why it's called 'not your father's'?

  2. Ooo wonder if we have alcoholic root beer here? I'll ask when I do the "buy something for Christmas thing". The taste being a 'slightly sweet flavour' sounds good and it does look like a nice crust :)

  3. Really? I also thought root beer is a soft drink too! So far the root beer I have tasted all taste like soft drinks to me. I wonder how your bread taste like with root beer. Your bread crumbs looks great!