Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ricotta Loaf

 Rose's Ricotta Loaf is a bread that defies classification.
It just can't be pinned down.
Not a fluffy yeast bread.  Not a dense tea bread.
It lies somewhere in the middle with a flavor 
all its own.

It definitely is a simple bread to make.
Flour, sugar, yeast are stirred together.
Ricotta, butter, egg and salt are then added and 
eventually water to guarantee it is a nice, moist dough. 
Ten minutes in the mixing bowl with a dough hook and

Lovely dough.

I was so pleased that I promptly sent off a picture to my 
Bread Bible Baking daughter
as proof I'd finally gotten underway.

But this is what I sent instead~

Which is why one
should not bake without
one's glasses, 
let along text pictures.
They look exactly the same with my blurry vision.
Image result for fawlty towers they're on your head mrs. richards images

They're on your head, Mrs. Richards

Into the microwave with cups of hot water
for a steamy rise, although why I just
didn't let it rise outside in the humidity is beyond me.

I blame the weather for melting any and all 
common sense I might have had left.

Proofed and ready for the oven.
Wish I could say the same for wedging
ice cubes into the pan lying on the oven floor.
It's like some mad cap ring toss carnival game at the fair
and I sure didn't win any prizes.

A few cursory adjectives may have been
uttered when I noticed the instructions to
turn and tent with foil.
See above about humidity.

Luckily no harm done.
As a bonus for clearing out the freezer
a forgotten jar of lemon curd was found.

This bread is good.  It's very good.  It's too good
with jam.

And tea with the Earl.


  1. Hi Vicki! Great looking bread. Congrats! Was this recipe also in Heavenly Cakes?

    1. No, it was not in Rose's Heavenly Cakes. If the name is confusing on my blog, it's because I wanted to change it from Baking with Granny to Heavenly Cake Walk This site would only let me change the title header but not the url or whatever that's called, hence the confusion.

  2. Scrumptious, isn't it? :) I think yours turned out great!

  3. Looks amazing. Love lemon curd..what a find.