Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Classic Brioche Loaf

I can scarcely believe it.
Could it really be this simple
the second time around?
It was a snap
compared to the Panettone.
I kept flipping pages back and forth, reading over and over again,
certain I'd left out major steps.
And quite certain I killed the dough during the
deflating step.
It was so hard; seeing the beautiful dough magically
emerge from the proofing sauna, all puffy and gorgeous,
only to be felled down in its glorious prime.

But the moment the oven door is opened and this emerges,
it is all worth it.
The mixing, the proofing, the warm rise, the cool rise,
the overnight rise.
The folding, the turning, the wrapping, the waiting.

Because it can be turned into this;
warm brioche coffee ice cream sandwiches.

Or this

glorious French toast.

It isn't difficult, this brioche.  It just takes a bit of concentration.
And blind faith that it will all turn out in the end.


  1. Oh my goodness French Toast!!! Dang, I should have made French toast! Your loaf looks gorgeous, I can see many more brioche loaves in your future :)

  2. Wow..coffee ice-cream.. Ya, I watched that episode of Nigella with her one step coffee icecream.. I like how she always makes things so simple and yet tasty. Your broiche looks wonderful!

  3. Oh Vicki, your brioche is lovely! I once had ice-cream and brioche for breakfast...it was great. Your brioche looks so soft and downy, all that patience and faith was worth it!

  4. French toast! We were going to make French toast, but we ended up eating it before the next morning. Beautiful loaf!