Monday, June 15, 2015

Red Velvet Rose Cake

This latest version of a Red Velvet Cake is from Rose's newest book,
The Baking Bible.
I tend to shy away from any Red Velvet cake unless it's for someone's
special occasion, such as a birthday.
Like many others, I don't care for artificial coloring in food or  beverages, for 
myself or my family.  I'm a real stickler for reading labels. 
Rose gives the option of roasting beets for the added color.  I wanted
to try India Tree's natural red coloring.

It was a beautiful shade of red coming out of the bottle but didn't hold up
in the batter during baking.
As eldest granddaughter noticed, it looked like a spice cake.

This cake has a wonderful flavor and light crumb.
Honestly, it doesn't need any coloring at all.

It was also easy to mix together.
After baking, a delicious raspberry
sauce was brushed over the cakes.

The extra raspberry sauce was mixed into whipped cream.

To me this cake far surpasses a typical Red Velvet cake
and could aptly be named
Raspberry  Velvet Rose Cake.


  1. Oh I love those small cakes, they look so pretty!! Calling it a "raspberry velvet cake" is wonderful idea :) I agree the texture of the cake is lovely.

  2. Looks delightful, I too like those little cakelets. so pretty! Raspberry velvet cake - i like it!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree that one should be concerned with additives in food...yay for reading labels! I'm also with you on this cake not needing colouring. It's good as it stands, especially with the raspberry glaze. The crumb shot is beautiful!

  4. It's beginning to look like nothing else except scary red food coloring works to get the other-worldly redness, but maybe that's not a bad thing. Still, people love it--curious to see how many requests you get for your "raspbery velvet cake"

  5. I feel the same as you about the red food coloring, but since I hardly ever eat such things, I figured once wouldn't hurt. I found this cake very very delicious. We came to the same conculsion--it didn't need the red color. It is a wonderful cake all on its own. Your baby cakelets are adorable. Nice post!

  6. I absoulutly agree this cake should be re name !!! like you i used the india tree food coloring and agree that this cake will be just fine without the red food coloring...