Monday, June 29, 2015

Pecan Praline Meringue Ice Cream Sandwiches

We like these! 
Dulce de leche, vanilla and coffee ice cream;
we tried them all.

I was surprised how easy they were to make.
It's almost magical watching the egg whites and brown sugar
turn into a thick fluffy cloud.
It's been unseasonably humid here but this afternoon
the humidity dropped and didn't seem to affect the batter.
Folded in the pecans and ready for the pans.

I got out the Kouigns Amann rings
and also tried free hand shaping.

Honestly, this would be great as a nine inch
round cookie cake and sliced into wedges.

I wasn't thrilled with the texture of the ganache
and I'm certain it's because I used a different
brand of white chocolate.
That will teach me trying to save a trip to the grocery store
which carries my favorite Lindt White Chocolate.
There's a lesson to stick to tried and true ingredients.

So for someone, namely me, who does not like meringue,
these are really delicious.
That's two for two TBB meringue cookies.
Now if Rose could just make a chocolate version
 I'd be very happy.

Rose Levy Berenbaum


  1. Oh you are so precise using rings… cookies look fabulous :) Ahhh got me thinking now with your nine inch cookie idea… thin cookies layered with mousse or ice cream etc… nice gluten free cake.

  2. So clever use of the rings! You are a genius Vicki!!

  3. i hear you Vickie and we will work on it for the next book!

  4. chocolate version ha that a great idea !!

  5. Love the wedges idea. Your cookies look great!

  6. Beautifully shaped meringues, Vicki! Could you make a cake size meringue and send it this way? Great idea, though, plus they would be easier to assemble for a crowd. Thanks Vicki!

  7. They look so perfect! I'll be making them this afternoon - can't wail to try them.

  8. Wow, what a brilliant touch--the baking rings!! You are great, Vicki!! I wonder if the cake-sized version would hold together? I don't know if it's the kind of ice cream or what, but mine never did get very firm. Not that I'm complaining, and I don't think we're really willing to leave them in the freezer for very long as an experiment.....

  9. Hi Vicki. Wasn't it really amazing how the meringue came together. I thought the heavy sugar would turn it into soup. I loved this recipe. Your look delicious. Great post. Oh! great idea with the rings.

  10. For now you can just wedge the meringues together with chocolate ganache, while Rose works on the recipe. Interesting idea with the rings. Did they bake differently to the freeform ones?